About Our Service


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The UK Government spends over £284 billion a year on buying goods and services from external suppliers, yet up to 75% of companies are unable to get the right information to bid for contracts.


Infobrokers is  the definitive industry source for PR, Marketing & Advertising opportunities in the Public Sector.


  • Infobrokers is the first and only service to be run exclusively for the PR, Marketing & Advertising industries;
  • Our team of industry professionals all come from PR, Marketing and Media backgrounds;
  • Every day we manually search hundreds of national, regional, local, European and international sources for opportunities;
  • We are reliable, accurate, industry-specific and pick up Tenders which can otherwise be overlooked through automated searches;
  • Relevant Tenders are manually checked, edited and added to the Current Tenders list on our website;
  • At any time, we have around 100 - 150 'live' contract opportunities listed;
  • Opportunities span all areas of Marketing, Public Relations, Public Affairs, Advertising, Branding, Digital, Market Research, Events & Exhibitions, Film, DVD, Multimedia Production, Graphic Design, Website Development & Editorial Content/ Writing;
  • We send out regular email bulletins (every weekday) to round-up all the latest opportunities and make sure that our subscribers don't miss anything;
  • Infobrokers costs just £39.95 per month (with no hidden extras);
  • Subscribers are free to unsubscribe at any time without penalty - they just pay until the end of the month.



Subscribers can log-in using their unique password which takes them to the Current Tenders area of the site. Behind each Tender summary is an overview of the contract opportunity, including key information such as contact names, type of work, budget, deadlines etc.


Tenders range enormously in size and value (from £5k to over £50 million for multi supplier multi lot frameworks), and are sourced from all types of Public Sector bodies including Central, Regional and Local Government, Utilities, Services and other organisations. All authorities are now offering their contract opportunities online as part of a national drive towards making the tendering process more accessible, particularly to SMEs.


We use people with PR & Marketing backgrounds to manually research and identify opportunities which will be of interest to our subscribers within the industry, and then edit them into a form which is accessible and easy to scan through. Subscribers can quickly identify any tenders of specific relevance to them, and then read how to follow them up. 


Infobrokers provides a clear and reliable summary of available contract opportunities and informs subscribers how to pursue them, who to contact, any prerequisites listed etc. We don't offer official documents, act as a tender portal, or charge extra for any downloads - we are genuinely different to any other service available


Infobrokers is unique in providing useful contract leads and carefully summarised information exclusively to our own industry, as well as offering a great way to keep in touch with Public Sector developments of interest to our subscribers. Our daily updated Current Tenders list is supplemented by regular email Bulletins which highlight recent additions, approaching deadlines, contract details and any updates issued by the buying authority.


To try Infobrokers without any obligation, agencies and consultants can sign up for our Free 14 Day Trial during which they will have full access to our service. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


How frequently do email updates arrive?


We send out Subscriber Bulletins once or twice a week (a round up of all recent opportunities) and shorter interim Tenders Updates every weekday.


Can we submit Tenders via Infobrokers?

No – it’s purely for information and tells you who to contact, how, and what is required, plus an overview of the project on offer including budget and duration.


How do we unsubscribe and are there any penalties?


To unsubscribe, just send an email to [email protected] and we will immediately unsubscribe you. You will keep receiving the service until that month's subscription runs out (or the agreed period covered by individual invoices).


What is the minimum length of contract with Infobrokers?


One month.


Where does your Tenders information originate?


Hundreds of different national, regional, local, European and international sources which are manually checked and developed by our team daily.


What industry areas do you cover?


Our Public Sector opportunities cover all areas of Marketing Communications, including Public Relations, Public Affairs, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Branding, Digital Marketing, Market Research, Events & Exhibitions, DVD Production, Graphic Design, Website Development, Editorial/ Writing and Content projects.


Do you offer advice on writing Tenders and the procurement process?


We offer guidance in our Tendering Today section which also links to our Winning Tips & Techniques guide. We have several experienced and reliable contacts who can provide specialist one-to-one advice. If you are interested in this please request further details from [email protected].


Do you sub categorise opportunities into specific industry areas?


No, because there is so much crossover between disciplines. But we design our summaries in a very easy-to-scan list for subscribers to easily spot opportunities of interest.


In terms of local and regional opportunities, is it worth bidding for contracts outside of my own area?


In terms of geographical areas, and whether to bid outside your own region, it is worth reading our article 'How Much Business is Awarded to Suppliers Outside the Local Area?'. National bodies clearly do not favour one area over another (unless there is a specific reason), but subscribers are often surprised to learn that awards are quite frequently made to outside suppliers for local and regional work as well if the expertise fits their needs.