Terms & Conditions


Permission is granted to users of the Infobrokers website to use the information provided on the website for the sole purpose of their own company. Any other use of materials on this website, including the circulation of the information to any person who is not subscribed to the Infobrokers service is strictly prohibited.

Users are permitted to copy some material for their personal use as private individuals only. Users must not republish any part of the data either on another website, or in any other medium, print, electronic or otherwise, without the prior written or emailed permission of Infobrokers.

Please Contact Us if you wish to reproduce any material.

By subscribing to Infobrokers you are accepting that you will make a payment of £39.95 (or other agreed rate of subscription) in advance for every month (or the agreed invoice period) that you are granted access to the service. The only exception to this will be the first month of subscription if there is a free of charge trial period. Infobrokers reserves the right to cancel this introductory trial period at any time.

If there is a free trial period, the first advance payment will be debited through the subscriber's agreed payment method one month after their subscription is approved by Infobrokers and they are granted access to the subscriber-only area of the website (ie. at the end of the free one month trial). No payment will be taken or due unless the subscriber informs Infobrokers by email that they wish to become a subscriber. Until the start of a paid subscription, billing details are not required.

Subscribers are free to unsubscribe at any time they choose by sending their username and the word 'unsubscribe' to accounts@infobrokers.co.uk . On unsubscribing, the subscriber agrees to pay until the end of the month or the end of agreed set period (eg. 6 months if it has been agreed that invoices will be issued every 6 months). No refunds will be given.

At the end of any agreed set period for subscription (eg. 6 months or one year) an invoice will be issued to cover continuing subscription on the same basis (eg. 6 months or one year). If the Infobrokers service is no longer required, the subscriber must inform accounts@infobrokers.co.uk within 7 days of receiving the invoice covering continuance of the subscription. Otherwise it will be assumed that there has been no unsubscription made, and the subscription will continue on the same basis as before.
Please note that if paying by standing order it is the subscriber's responsibility to end the payments with their bank if they unsubscribe and/ or cease using the Infobrokers service. No refunds will be provided if the standing order is not cancelled.

The charge of £39.95 as outlined above (or other agreed rate) will be paid by each user to the Infobrokers service. Infobrokers reserves the right to increase the cost of its service, in which case subscribers will be notified in advance of any changes.

Infobrokers reserves the right to refuse any application to subscribe to its service at any point during the subscription process or following a successful subscription, or to terminate a subscription at any time.

Please note that Infobrokers is designed to be an information service which provides contact details and leads for current Public Sector opportunities. The contract information on this website has been edited and summarised and is not intended to replicate in full or part any official document. Full details must be obtained through the relevant authority.

Thank you.